Jubilaeum EN

The year 2023 marks a milestone in the history of BULLYLAND!

Bullyland Collage

The Brand Bullyland

All BULLYLAND figures are developed with great attention to detail and painted by hand at the German site since 1973. We rely on high-quality base materials without questionable ingredients, fair manufacturing conditions and detailed design. The continuously high quality standard is a central matter of the heart for BULLYLAND and is reflected in the numerous “Spiel-gut Siegel” awards.

The endless possibilities offered by our more than 400 figures make every fantasy come true: From farms to licensed figures to prehistoric worlds. Walt Disney heroes from popular children’s books, TV and movies have also been part of our figurine family for over 40 years.

BULLYLAND offers limitless variety for endless fun playing & collecting
Tiger Sonderbemalung

50 Years Bullyland

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Bullyland brand, we have created a unique tiger with special pink stripes.